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What is UV Gel Polish?

Hybrid polishpolish is a type of nail polish which allows us to enjoy beautiful nails even up to 3 weeks. It distinguishes itself from classic nail polish primarily by its composition and the requirement to harden it under a LED or UV lamp. Hybrid manicure is applied much like traditional manicure, with the only difference being, that instead of classic polish we use a special hybrid polish.

The basis for applying a hybrid polish is the correct preparation of the nail plate. Prior to applying the proper polish onto the nails and hardening it with a lamp, it is necessary to prepare the nail plate (give the nail the right shape, delicately move away the skins – especially those which “overlap” the nail plate, and mat the nail plate using a polishing block). The next step is to, in sequence, apply: the base, two layers of a chosen color nail polish, and the top – each time hardening every layer under the lamp. The hardening time depends primarily on the lamp power (UV or LED) and the pigmentation of the polish (the darker the polish, the longer the hardening time).

Hybrid manicure ensures beautifully looking nails without chipping, without smudges and, what’s most important, the polish hardens completely under a UV or LED lamp, thanks to which your nails are immediately dry and shiny (unless, of course, you decide on a mat nail effect ;-))

Hybrid nail polish, otherwise known gel polishes, combine the properties of soak-off and classic nail polish. They can be used equally effectively for manicure, as well as pedicure, guaranteeing an intense gloss, durability, and beautiful, saturated colors. 

butelka z lakierem hybrydowym

The composition of the hybrid varnish very often depends on the manufacturer (more and more often simplified hybrid variants, such as MONO varnishes). It is also very important that the hybrid varnish has the right consistency - so that when applying to the nail plate does not flood the adjacent cuticles.

Thanks to its formula, the varnish is removed from the nail surface using acetone or a liquid containing acetone (e.g. acetone remover) and moisturizing agents. It is important that after removing the hybrid varnish, and before applying fresh, properly care for the proper care of the plate and moisturizing the cuticles (e.g. with a special oil). In addition to traditional hybrid varnishes, you can also buy MONO varnish - unlike hybrid varnish, this varnish does not require separate application of base and top. It is enough to apply the varnish itself and cure it in the lamp. It will stay on nails for 7 to 14 days, depending on the plate and use. For people with a fragile or brittle tile, we recommend a classic hybrid varnish, in addition to applying it, we recommend applying a reinforcing Base Extra from our offer.