Warranty sheets

This warranty sheet is applicable for the following products:

LED lamps
4494-1, 4494-2, 4613, 4764, 5130, 5478, 5479, 5488, 5985, 5366, 6357

Nail file drill handles
3089, 4474

Light bulbs
1590, 4605

Nail file drills
892, 5716, 5870, 5871, 5872, 5873, 5661, 7094


Wax or paraffin heaters
3571, 4650, 4476, 4476-1

Dust absorbers
4479, 4995-1, 4995-2, 4995-3, 4995-4, 5044-1, 5044-2

Table lamp
5804, 6367

Terms of warranty

Note!: Equipment for home use only.

The period for which the warranty was granted is counted from the date of purchase. Reasonable defects or damage to the equipment disclosed during the warranty period will be removed free of charge within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of submitting the complaint to the service center. The warranty period is extended by the time of repair.

Complaints should be reported at the place of purchase. If the order was placed online, the equipment should be sent to the address of our service at your expense. Warranty services are provided only after the buyer presents a defective device, along with a set of documents that were attached to the device (original receipt or invoice).

If the repair cannot be carried out during the warranty period, the buyer has the right to replace the equipment with a new one. Warranty repairs do not cover activities related to the maintenance and cleaning of the device, described in the instruction manual as well as parts and accessories that are subject to wear during normal use (e.g. batteries, dust bags, milling cutters, etc.).

The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the equipment as well as defects and damage resulting from:

  • improper or inconsistent with the instructions for use, storage and maintenance;
  • improper or inconsistent with installation instructions;
  • interference by other service, arbitrary repairs, alterations and structural changes;
  • use of improper consumables.


Our company is obliged to accept waste equipment, we are obliged to do so by the provisions and the Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment in relation to the Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment, and it is waste equipment referred to in Article 3 paragraph 1 point 17 of this Act.

Return used equipment to our address:

Cosmo Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

ul. Jasielska 10a
60-476 Poznań

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