Stamping – Stamper and scraper

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Stamping – Stamper and scraper

Are you looking for a way to make a beautiful and trendy nail art  that is a great alternative to hand-painted designs? We have a perfect solution for you - manicure decorated with stamping method! You'll need a few products to create unusual designs on your nails in no time at all - one of them is the stamper with scraper! This is the product that stamps the decorations  that are reflected on the finished mani.

Why is worth choosing  stamper from NEONAIL?

  •  Speed and precision - this stamper is really reliable and thanks to which you will create a surprising, impressive manicure that will look really phenomenal.
  •  Easy application - the stamper  will help you easily apply any design to your nails.
  •  High working comfort - a perfectly made handle makes the product comfortable to hold in a hand.
  •  Top quality - a soft silicone tip is easy to clean and transfers designs brilliantly.
  •  Quick removal of excess gel - a scraper is included with the stamp to help remove excess gel from the metal plate.
  •  Storage safety - the stamp has a plastic lid to protect a silicone tip from damage.

Opt for a quick and easy way to decorate your nails in just a few moments. Decide on a stamper  that, along with the rest of your stamping tools, will help you highlight your style!

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1. Gently  mattify the nails with a buffer, remove any dust and wipe with  Cleaner.

2.Apply  a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure under LED/UV lamp according the table .

3.  Apply a  layer i of UV gel polish in a chosen color  and cure in LED/UV lamp  according to the table ( the darker color , the longer curing time) Repeat this  step to receive more intense color..

4. Apply  a small amount of  Stamping gel on  a choosen design of metal plate and use a scraper to remove the excess product.

5. Using a silicone stamper, reflect the chosen design on the nail plate, cure in LED/UV lamp according to the table

6. Apply a layer of HARD TOP to secure the stylisation.

7. Cure in a LED/UV lamp according to the table and then wipe with Cleaner.

The stamper should be cleaned with a specially adapted roll/self-adhesive paper, pressing off the remains of  Stamping Gel. Do not use any cleaner or acetone to clean the stamper, as this will damage the surface. Plates and scraper can be cleaned with cleaner.

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