FUTURO 2in1 Nail Drill With Dust Collector

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Air performance
235 m3/h
30 000
48 W
Power supply
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Nail drill and dust collector are devices that cannot be missed by any nail stylist. They do not only facilitate, but also significantly accelerate work when performing a manicure or a pedicure. FUTURO 2IN1 NAIL DRILL WITH DUST COLLECTOR is a 2-in-1 device that combines the properties of both devices. All this so that you can easily and freely take care of nail stylization, saving time and space. No more inhaling dust that floats when performing mani and pedi – it is time to take your nail stylization to a new, comfortable level!

Why is the nail drill with dust collector so special?

  • 2-in-1 product FUTURO 2IN1 NAIL DRILL WITH DUST COLLECTOR is a nail drill with dust collector with high power and high rotational speed of a nail drill up to 30 000 RPM.
  • The original designthe nail drill with dust collector was designed and tested by NEONAIL experts from start to finish, so it was carefully refined at every stage, responding to the needs of nail stylists.
  • Double-sided handle – as part of the barrier-free design, the nail drill handle can be attached on both sides of the device so that it can be comfortably used by left-handed people.
  • Comfort of work – the device is quiet, and its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for both stylist and client to use.
  • Replaceable filters – this makes the device easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Touch panel – modern control panel makes it easier to use the device and is protected by automatic lock against accidental touching.
  • Dust-free start – you do not have to worry about dust floating when you switch on the device.
  • High quality – special coating is resistant to acetone and protects against scratches.

Do you want to perform nail stylization in a comfortable and professional way? Reach for the dust collector with nail drill, which will work great in the hands of both professionals and beginner stylists!


  • Stepless Levels of the speed of revolution: to 3000RPM
  • Input Voltage Range: 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24.0V 2.0A
  • Product Size: 27,7 x 32,3 x 10,6cm
  • Product Weight: 1,54kg
  • Power: 48W
  • Air performance: 235m3/h
  • manual user instruction
  • warranty card
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  • We recommend waiting a while before plugging the device in if it has previously been at low temperature so that it can reach room temperature.
  • Plug the power supply into the socket and its other end into the absorber. The device is now ready for use.
  • The dust collector is activated by turning the speed regulator, which is in the form of a knob on the right-hand side.
  • The collector is switched off by turning the speed regulator in the opposite direction.

Milling machine operation:

  • Connect the plug of the milling machine handle to the socket on the machine on the right or left side;
  • Switch on/off with a long press of the PLAY button on the touch panel ;
  • CAUTION: The buttons lock themselves after 3 seconds of inactivity. To unlock them, you need to press the PLAY button and then the CHANGE DIRECTION
  • button.
  • A short press on the PLAY button (after unlocking) activates/deactivates the pause function;
  • The direction of rotation is set using the direction of rotation button on the touch panel (when unlocked);
  • Rotational speed can be adjusted up to a maximum of 30,000 rpm using the plus, minus button on the touch panel (when unlocked).


  • Switch off the device and then lift the top filter cover.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Insert/replace the new filter and then put the filter cover back on


  • Disconnect the power if the FUTURO dust absorber is not in use.
  • The device will stop working when the filter cover is removed - this is the transition to safe mode. When the filter cover is put back in place, the unit will resume operation.
  • The filter is replaceable; depending on the intesiveness of work, it should be replaced after 2-3 months of use.
  • For proper operation of the device, it is necessary to clean the filter frequently, preferably after each manicure. Accumulated dust aftermanicure treatment should be removed, for example, by blowing the filter with compressed air, or by shaking it out.
  • The filters must not be wet or moistened with anything
  • Using two milling machine handles connected at the same time will result in malfunction of the device and may damage it.

Set contains

The set includes:

  • Dust Collector (1x)
  • Milling machine handpiece (1x)
  • Power cable with power adapter (1x)
  • Filter (1x)
  • Ceramic milling cutter (1x)