Electric Foot File Waterproof

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Yellow/Gold, White
Battery life
100-150 min.
1900-2200 rpm
6 W
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Electric Foot File Waterproof

A perfect pedicure means not only perfectly painted nails, but also well-groomed, smooth feet, which you can take care of in just a few moments! How? Reach for a device that will make it easier for you! The electric foot file from NEONAIL works phenomenally in this role and will make the pedicure extremely pleasant and easy to perform!

What distinguishes electric foot file from NEONAIL?

  • Vacuum - the dust resulting from  the treatment is sucked in by the device and is therefore collected in an easy-to-clean container;
  • Waterproof - you can use it dry or in the shower - the choice is yours;
  • High power - the device works gently but effectively, thanks to which it can handle even the most demanding tasks;
  • Easy operation - it is an electric file that is easy to handle, so everyone can handle it,
  • Ergonomic shape - it is perfetly contoured, therefore it is comfortable to work with,
  • Adjustable speed - one gently smoothes the skin, the other perfectly removes dead skin cells,
  • Replaceable sandpaper discs - when you buy an electric foot file from NEONAIL, you can be sure that it is a long-lasting purchase. There are 3 sandpaper discs in the set;
  • A capacious battery charged via USB - it is up to 150 minutes of work on a single charge!

Do you want to do a professional pedicure at home? Reach for the electric foot file from NEONAIL, which will make it easier for you!

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1. Make sure that your device has sufficient charge before use.

2. Press and hold the ON / OFF switch for 3 seconds to turn on the device. The device will start idling, the green LED will light up.

3. Press and hold ON / OFF switch for 1 second to switch to high speed operation, red LED will light.

4. Press and hold the ON / OFF switch for 3 seconds to turn off the device.

5. Wash the device after use and store it in a dry and cool place.

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