ECO LED lamp 12W/36

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 ECO LED lamp 12W/36 - perfect for curing manicure

Are you looking for a handy LED  lamp that will help you create a perfect UV gel  or gel manicure? You have just found a device perfectly suited to your needs! It is great especially for beginners, because it has not only the right power, i.e. 12W / 36, but also many amenities that will make it easier for you to prepare your stylisation.

Why is it worth choosing this LED lamp? First of all, because it evenly cures all preparations that you will apply on your nail  tiles. You will also love it for the fact that it is small, light and handy - thanks to this you will have no problems with storing or transporting it.

LED nail lamp with a power of 12W / 36 - features that distinguish it

  • Motion sensor - just put your hand into the LED lamp and it will immediately cure the product you have applied on  your nails.
  • Working times - adjust it to your needs. Choose from three options: 30, 60 or 90 seconds.
  • Digital display - the LED nail lamp also has a display informing about the selected working time, which you can monitor on an ongoing basis.
  • Convenient use - the lamp does not require replacement of fluorescent lamps and does not have an attached bottom, which allows you to quickly and easily cure products applied during pedicure.

LED nail lamp that will be perfect for beginners? Definitely the 12W / 36 power one from NEONAIL!

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