Duo AcrylGel forms square 02

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Duo AcrylGel forms square 02 

Nail extensions have never been so quick and easy! Forget about paper templates and reach for Duo AcrylGel forms square 02. These are square molds made of soft, reusable plastic. If you are a nail stylist working with products such as Duo AcrylGel or are just starting your adventure with extensions, reach for these templates. They are easy to use and easily fit to the tile, as the set includes up to ten pieces of molds in twelve different sizes. So you do not have to trim and fit them. Just square Duo AcrylGel forms square 02, which are flexible and durable!

Square nail forms for Duo AcrylGel

Duo AcrylGel square 02 forms will help to prepare beautiful extensions and superstructure of the nails using products from the series Duo AcrylGel. You can opt for different adornments, including a fashionable construction french. Thanks to forms, you can extend even nails growing down or short cut, under which it is difficult to put paper templates. Reaching for Duo AcrylGel forms square 02 nail extension of both hands will take you 40 minutes!

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1. Gently mattify the nails with a buffer, remove any dust and wipe with Cleaner.
2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in LED/UV lamp according to the table.
3. Apply an appropriate amount of Duo AcrylGel product to the inside of the form, controlling for the correct "C-curve" (a small amount of product should be in the cuticle area and on the free edge and more in the centre of the form). To smooth the product over the form and achieve the preferred length, use a brush soaked in Cleaner.
4.  Apply the prepared form to the nail plate, press gently. If the product gets on your cuticles, soak the brush with Cleaner and then remove the product. Cure in a LED/UV lamp according to the table.
5.  Gently remove the form from the nail. Then make the final shape with a 180-grade file and smooth with a buffer. You can create any stylization according to your preference.
6.  Apply a layer of HARD TOP to secure the stylization. Cure in LED or UV lamp, then wipe with Cleaner.