Drill Bit Set - ADVANCED

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Drill Bit Set - ADVANCED

Professional set of nail drill bits ADVANCED

Discover a professional set of nail drill bits you need to quickly create a perfect mani. ADVANCED package is perfect for people who already have first experience with a nail drill and preparing nails and cuticles for stylisation. If you want perfect results, you should definitely choose set of nail drill bits ADVANCED. You'll find nail drill bits in a variety of shapes and purposes - including three nail drill bits that are brand new and only come in a set. Importantly, all of these accessories can be sterilized in an autoclave.

What will you find in a set with nail drill bits ADVANCED?

ADVANCED set contains 6 nail drill bits which fit every nail drill NEONAIL. Thanks to them you will significantly shorten the time of the procedure and the effect you achieve will be really spectacular. Each nail drill in the set has a colored marker indicating the gradation and its intended use.

A nail drill bit set is waiting for you:

  •  Carbide nail drill bit for removing UV gel or gel mass;
  •  Diamond nail drill bit Cylinder NO. 01 for removing and cleaning the epithelia surrounding a nail;
  •  Diamond nail drill bit  needle precisely removes epithelia around a nail;
  •  Diamond nail drill bit FLAME NO. 02/S  cleans and smoothes the surface between a nail and  side shafts;
  •  Diamond nail drill bit FLAME NO. 01/H - smoothes and cleans the surface between a nail and side walls.
  •  Diamond nail drill bit for cuticles and nails (buffer) smooths nail shafts;
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