Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 01 Winning Spirit

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Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 01 Winning Spirit – a nourishing classic in pink edition

About the product

Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 01 Winning Spirit is a classic lipstick that has a beautiful pink shade. It belongs to the limited collection of Intense Serum GET YOUR VIBE. Corresponds colourfully with the summer UV gel polish Winning Spirit by NEONAIL. The lipstick is characterized by a creamy consistency, thanks to which a pleasant application is waiting for you. In addition, the cosmetic provides strong opacity, giving a visible colour effect. It also contains active ingredients that guarantee nourishment of the lip skin.
The lipstick is also available in a peach colour variant – Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 02 Team Peach.
The product is dedicated to all women who want to take care of the condition of their lips and like being up to date with beauty trends to apply lipstick? Apply the cosmetic on the lips in two layers – one after the other – using the NEO Make Up Brush No. 14. As a result, you will get precise lip make-up.
The lipstick is in a decorated 3D frame, which provides additional visual pleasure. The packaging is inspired by the Pantone colour of the year 2024, Peach Fuzz.

What do you gain?
Do you want to get expressive lip make-up that no one will miss? Do you think a cosmetic should provide more than a visual effect? Discover Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 01 Winning Spirit by NEO MAKE UP – see what it gives you:                                                                                                                                     

  •  the power of active ingredients – the lipstick contains almond oil, which moisturizes and softens the lips. Say goodbye to chapped lips right now! The cosmetic also enriches niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3. It not only protects against dryness, but also regenerates the skin. In the composition you will also find hyaluronic acid, which works elastic;
  • optical lip smoothing – do you want to create flawless make-up? The advantage of the cosmetic is a creamy finish, which creates an attractive effect of smoothing lips;
  • perfect fit for any type of beauty – reach for a universal shade that perfectly complements both cool and warm complexion. Additionally, it will create a coherent whole with any outfit;
  •   comfort in every situation – do you focus on well-being and lightness in life? Lipstick responds to these needs. You will immediately forget about heavy make-up! All because the unique, creamy formula provides comfort while wearing lipstick!

Get inspired
Combine the opaque shade and the colouring lip balm from the collection GET YOUR VIBE and increase the durability of your lipstick in no time!
The pink cosmetic will go great with Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 03 Champion’s confetti. It changes colour from transparent to delicate, peach-pink. This happens under the influence of the pH of the skin. Also check out the addition in the form of lip balm – Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 04 Game, Set, Glam, which is equally dynamic. It changes the colour from transparent to peach-pink, but in a slightly darker tone.

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Apply to lips in two coats using Neo Make Up brush #14