OHS of basics


During performance of cosmetic procedures it is necessary to follow antiseptic and aseptic rules, OHS regulations and adhere to the rules of hygiene and personal culture, such as:

  •  easy access to lockers, aperture, cosmetic instruments and equipment,
  •  proper arrangement of furniture and equipment,
  •  easy access to tools and proper marking of containers and preparations,
  •  systematic inspection of all devices and their proper maintenance, aperture cleanliness,
  •  disinfection of tools and accessories,
  •  inspection of equipment, electrical wires and electrical mains,
  • repair of equipment only by authorized service personnel.
  •  when leaving the salon, everything should be unplugged from the power supply,
  •  easily washable floors,
  •  adherence to regulations when using electrical equipment.


  •  beauty salons must be arranged in separated interiors, sufficiently spacious, featuring natural and artificial lighting,
  •  Customers should be provided with a waiting room with coat hangers for their outer clothing located outside the primary salon,
  •  beauty salons cannot be used for residential purposes,
  •  beauty salons must be kept clean and tidy, and all cleaning equipment must be removed without delay and stored in a separate room intended for that purpose,
  •  the walls of the beauty salon should be painted in bright colors and be smooth,
  •  the floor must be easily washable, lined with smooth materials and without crevasses,
  •  armchairs and chairs must be lined with replaceable materials,
  •  the salon must feature: - running cold and hot water,
  •  a supply of clean aprons,
  •  separate lockers for dirty linen,
  •  a locker for storing clean linen for the personnel,
  •  a locker for Customer garments,
  •  a glazed cabinet for storing creams, liquids and tools, etc.
  •  appropriate glass vessels for cotton swabs and gauze, and a sanitary inspection logbook.


Every newly opened beauty salon should receive National Sanitary Inspection approval.

  •  linen used while servicing a Customer cannot be used a second time,
  •  tools used for cosmetic procedures must be disinfected after each use,
  •  sharp utensils must be thoroughly rinsed with a stream of cold water and then disinfected after every use,
  •  use disinfecting liquids with antibacterial and antiviral properties,
  •  before commencing work, prepare a fresh disinfecting solution, in clean and washed containers,
  •  disinfection of tools and utensils should be done with full submersion,
  •  after disinfecting tools must be washed again,
  • needles, razors, etc. must be disinfected after use and afterwards incinerated,
  •  used material bins must be washed, disinfected and lined with plastic bags,
  •  bowls, countertops at workstations should be cleaned using disinfecting, an washing products, and in case of using only washing products, these should also be disinfected,
  •  the beautician must wash her hands after completing the procedure,
  •  in case of injury to the Customer or employee, the wound must be disinfected with 3% hydrogen peroxide.