Rapidograph - Rapidograf 0.35 mm do stylizacji na paznokciach

Rapidograph 0,35 mm

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0,35 mm
Catalogue number

Rapidograph White

Tip: 0.35 mm

Product number: 5173-1

With our Rapidograph you can let your creativity run wild! The fine tip allows for precise work with great effects. The finished motif can be sealed as usual using the TOP HARD. The artistic result can be seen ...


1. Fill the Rapidograph with the special ink.

2. Roughen the UV nail polish with the polishing block and clean the nails using a cleaner.

3. Use the Rapidograph to draw the desired nail art onto your nails.

4. Apply the over coat HARD TOP for sealing and allow it to cure under a LED or UV light.

5. If you are applying normal nail polish, wait a day before drawing the desired nail art.

6. Thoroughly cleanse the Rapidograph after each application.

Rapidograph is not filled with ink (it should be purchased additionally).

HERE you will find the instructions for the application and cleaning of the Rapidograph.

Cleaning instructions:


After each application, empty the Rapidograph's refill and rinse with water. Caution: Dried ink may clog the tip. The tip can also become damaged by strong pressure on the surface.


We are not ressposible for any damages resulting from incorrect use of the product. 
Be careful not to contaminate the ends with lacquer, acrylic, gel. 
Always paint on a frosted and defatted surface. 
Clean Rapidograph daily after work.



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