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3-in-1 UV gel polish SIMPLE set : 3 UV gel polishes + LED lamp 18W/36

There are different ways to take care of your nails. On the one hand, you can go to a nearby beauty  salon and get a manicure from a professional nail stylist. But on the other hand, there is a more convenient and definitely cooler way to do it. You can stay at home and order a starter set. 3-in-1 UV gel polish SIMPLE set provides you with an easy way to start your nail art adventure. It is full of nail tools and accessories and nice nail polish colors. With it you can create small masterpieces on your nails.

SIMPLE SOUL and SPIRIT  UV gel polish set will fulfill your wishes in 100%. The starter set  includes 3 bestsellers from SIMPLE range, i.e. 3-in-1 nail polishes combining base, top and color. It's perfect and reliable if you want to create a long-lasting nail design in just a few minutes.

UV gel polish set includes:

  • 3x UV gel polish 7,2 ml: Peaceful, Faithful, Graceful
  •  LED 18W/ 36 LCD Display lamp - ideal for curing products from SIMPLE collection and extremely easy to use. It has up to 3 curing times, a digital display and a motion sensor.
  • Nail Cleaner 50 ml - nail degreaser with which you can easily wipe your nails.
  • SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE 50 ml - a product which will help you to remove UV gel polishes from SIMPLE collection from your nails.
  • Nail buffer boat and 100/180 file - with these you can shape and matt your nails before applying a nail polish.
  •  Cuticle Oil - will moisturize and nourish your hands after performing a stylisation
  • Cotton pads – dust free cotton pads will come in handy for wiping your nails and removing UV gel polish from them.
  • Wooden sticks - with their help you can remove cuticles and nail polish residues from your nails.


Now that you have ordered your perfect nail set, it's time to think about nail styles and ideas that will suit you. Check what nail art ideas we have prepared for you in our UV gel nails Inspiration section.



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Directions for use:

1. We disinfect our hands,
2. We shape the nails with a 100/180 file,
3. Push your cuticles with a wooden stick,
4. Mattify your nails gently with a buffer with a gradation of 100/180,
5. Remove the remaining dust with a brush,
6. Wipe your nails with Cleaner, waiting for it to evaporate,
7. Apply SIMPLE nail polish on a natural tile - a thin layer,
8. Cure in LED lamp according to the table,
9. Apply a second layer of nail polish and also cure in the lamp.

*After removing your nails from the lamp make sure that it is cured properly. The nail should be dry completely. Do not use Cleaner.

If necessary use nail oil on your nails and cuticles.

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