Baby Boomer Set Nude

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Baby Boomer Set Nude

 Have you always wanted to learn how to prepare an elegant nail art, but didn't know how to start? Or maybe you thought that baby boomer is too difficult to handle at home and decided to stay with a classic French manicure? You don't have to think about it anymore, start acting now! Reach for a ready-to-use set that makes it easy to create a trendy and timeless baby boomer stylisation and you will see that it's really easy!

What do you find in BABY BOOMER SET NUDE?

  •  Baby Boomer Nude Base - a base with a gorgeous peach color that fans of a perfect nude manicure will love;
  • Paint UV/LED Gel, i.e. gel for  Baby Boomer nail art- a product in a bottle with a convenient brush, which in combination with a peach base creates a perfect duo;
  • UV gel polish Hard Top - will fix your stylisation and make it shine;
  • Gum peel- off - by applying this to the area around a nail, you will protect it from dirt while performing a stylisation;
  • Wooden sticks and ombre sponges - essential accessories to help you create a baby boomer manicure.

Would you like to learn how to make a modern form of french manicure, i. e. baby boomer stylisation? Bet on BABY BOOMER SET NUDE which includes everything you need!

Set includes:

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1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher, remove any dust, then rinse with a Cleaner. 

2. Apply a thin layer of Baby Boomer Base Nude and cure in the lamp LED/UV according to the table. 

3. Apply a second layer, a little bit thicker, on your nail. Cure in the lamp LED/UV according to the table.

4. If needed, after curing, even your nails with 180 nail file. Remove any dust with a brudh, then rinse with a cleaner.

5. Secure the cuticles with Gum peel-off. 

6. Using wooden stick put Baby Boomer White Paint Gel on a sponge, then spread it gently on 1/3 of your nail. 

"Stamp" Paint Gel gently with a sponge starting from th edge of the nail, moving to the base of the nail. "Stamping" should be done in a way to achieve smooth transition between white Paint Gel and pink Nude Base. Cure everything in the LED/UV lamp according to the table. 

7. In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, apply 1-2 layers of Baby Boomer White Paint Gel, then cure in the LED/UV lamp according to the table.

8. Apply a thin layer of Hard Top in order to secure the design and give it shine. Cure everything in the LED/UV lamp according to the table and then rinse with a Cleaner. 

9. At the end, using a wooden stick, get rid off the gum peel-off. 

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