Magnetic box: Pack as a gift

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Magnetic box: Pack as a gift

Pack for a gift is a white, gift box closed with a magnet, without any Uv Gel Polish in it.

Hybrids are always a great idea for a gift - and you have to match the best gift wrap to the best colors. Let us take care of it!

Pakuj na prezent NEONAIL

An elegant, white box is a small cost and a huge effect - it holds a maximum of 5 Uv gel polish with a capacity of 7.2ml and 6ml.

Magnetic Box

The whole is closed with two invisible magnets, and the center, i.e. a soft molding, will ensure the safety of Uv gel polish. 

Magnetic Box z lakierami bybrydowymi NEONAIL

Pack for a gift is always a good idea, for a successful gift of course.

P.S. Inside you will find a nice word from us! Let yourself be surprised!

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24 października 2022
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