LED Lamp 36W/48 LCD Display

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LED Lamp 36W/48 LCD Display

A way for a unique look and a polished detail? This is, of course, a hybrid manicure! Just as important are colored varnishes, the curing lamp is also important - meet the new 36W / 48 LED model - with it, every styling will be durable and dazzling!

5 curing modes

The lamp offers a choice of 5 operating modes:

  •   10 seconds,
  •   30 seconds,
  •   60 seconds,
  •   99 seconds– Low Heat Mode – this system ensures slow heating of the lamp, which is especially helpful in case of problems with curing UV gel polish,
  •   Double Power - when you want to increase the lamp power, after selecting one of the modes (10s, 30s, 60s), hold down the 99s button a little longer. Then the device will start working with double force.

    Adjust the selected Timer to your needs.

Infrared sensor - motion sensor

When you put your hand under the lamp, it will start automatically. By selecting this option, the maximum operating time of the device will be 120 seconds. The lamp will turn off as soon as you remove your hand.

The motion sensor is a quick and convenient way to use hybrid nails.

Digital display

If you choose one of the operating modes, the display will show the remaining curing time.

The active lamp timer will be displayed when you have used auto lamp start.

LED Lamp 36W/48W

  • The lamp has a retractable, not detachable bottom. Thanks to this, you can easily perform a pedicure! 
  • The device is powerful and durable - you can also use it in a beauty salon.
  • Interesting appearance - a streamlined shape that will fit the entire hand not only will allow the entire styling to be hardened at the same time, but will also be a decorative element of the interior.
  • 36 leds - will cure every decoration! These bulbs protect against excessive temperature rise.
  • Dual LED technology - thanks to it, the lamp emits white light with a wavelength of 365 nm and 405 nm simultaneously.

Technical data:

  • Lifetime of leds: 50 000 h.
  • Wavelength 365 + 405 nm.
  • Size: 210 x 207 x 103mm.
  • DC 24V 1.5A.
  • 36 leds.
  • Power: 36W.

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14 listopada 2022
Efekt zgodny z oczekiwaniami, łatwe w obsłudze. Właśnie tego szukałam, super trwałość i jakość. Dobry wybór, moc jest wystarczajaca.
4 listopada 2022
Urządzenie ma tyle mocy, że praca z nim to przyjemność. Jeden z lepszych jakościowo produktów na rynku. Z pewnością każdy sobie poradzi z obsługą.