LED-Lamp 21W/48 ECO

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21 W
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  • Professional ECO lamp for UV gel manicure. The lamp is equipped with high quality 21 leds. The lamp has power of 21W but it cures a product at such a time as other lamps with the power of 48W.
  • You can create all kinds of UV gel nail designs
  • Technology Dual LED 
  • Cure time is the same as in 48W lamp whilst the power consumption is lower. 
  • The high quality display will show you chosen operating time.  
  • The lamp has 3 operating modes to choose: 30sec, 60sec, 99sec. You can adjust it to your needs.
  • In addition built-in motion sensor gives you the maximum usage comfort
  • The lamp has 2 intelligent systems: memorization of the power settings and Low Heat Mode responsible for gradually heating of the lamp.
  • Find out the usage comfort and choose the lamp LED ECO with unique and patented shape


  • Esthetic look makes it perfect for using it at home or at the professional beauty salon.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
  • Function of remembering the time of curing.
  • Low Heat Mode – gradually heating of the lamp.
  • Energy-efficient leds.
  • Leds ensures safety of the usage, protects from excessive temperature rise and its even distibution guarantees curing your nails perfectly.
  • Simple and intuitive service. 
  • 3 operating modes which enables to adjust to different treatments: 30sec, 60sec, 99sec. 
  • The lamp is equipped with motion sensor which activates the lamp after puting your hand in.
  • The lamp is maintenance-free because it does not require replacement of leds thanks to its technology.
  • Technology Dual LED.
  • Detachable base on the magnet.



  • Power: 21W. 
  • Wavelength: 365 + 405 nm.
  • Quantity of leds: 21 pcs. 
  • Service life: 50 000 h
  • Weight: 395 g.
  • DC 24V 1.5 A.


  • width: 21,5 cm,
  • depth: 16,8 cm,
  • height:  9   cm.


  • lamp LED ECO,
  • power supply unit,

  • manual,
  • quarantee certificate.


Lamp LED 18W/54 and LED ECO – differences

Creating UV gel manicure requires using lamp. Currently the most popular are LED lamps and the amount of LED lamps is increasing- in NEONAIL as well. Are you wondering about the differences between 18W/54 lamp and LED ECO? Here is the answer!

The lamps have innovative systems so that curing the nail designs is easy even for beginners. Both devices have:

- Low Heat Mode system,

- digital display,

- motion sensor,

- 3 operating modes: 30 sec, 60 sec, 99 sec.

Lamp LED 18W/54 takes 18W however its effect is faster and more intensive- as in the lamp 54W. It is possible thanks to the usage of leds. It has 36 even spread leds.

Lamp LED ECO it also takes 21W with the intensity effect as in 48W lamp. This device has 21 leds. The quantity of leds impacts on curing time. The more leds, the faster curing time of your nail designs.



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Łatwość obsługi i dobra cena przekonały mnie.
21 sierpnia 2022
Właśnie tego szukałam, super trwałość i jakość. Efekt zgodny z oczekiwaniami, łatwe w obsłudze. Jestem mega zadowolona z takiej mocy.