ABS rounded cap White 13mm 150

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ABS rounded cap White 13mm 150

Rounded aluminium oxide caps

Pedicure caps are something you cannot miss in your cosmetic case if you do podiatry or toenail stylisation. Such caps for a nail drill not only improve but also make your work much easier, so you should opt for this product when it is of the highest quality. How to use abrasive caps? They help remove calloused skin from the sole of the foot.

What cap to choose for pedicure, or what they can be made of
If you want to choose the best pedicure cap, opt for the one with a white grint, that is made of aluminium oxide. Why this cap? This type of nub is softer and makes the procedure more comfortable, and one could even say that it is simply pleasant.


Alumina pedicure abrasive cap is:

  • making work easier and more efficient;

  • a quick way to remove keratinized skin from the soles of your feet;
  • high quality - the caps are very durable;
  • great fit on the mandrel carrier - the cap does not slip off.

Choose the highest quality and high comfort of work - bet on pedicure caps made of aluminium oxide!

                              Pedicure caps 13mm with different gradations - choose the best one

Alumina caps are available in different gradations:

  • 60
  • 150
  • 220
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