Diamond Drill Bit - FLAME NO.02/H

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Diamond Drill Bit - FLAME NO.02/H

Diamond drill bits are small accessories, which with the nail drill helps in:

  • removing cuticles,
  • clearing and smoothing nail walls from the unwanted cuticles.

Removing cuticles precisely you can gain more space on your nail to apply UV gel nail polish even higher. Thereby you can create combined manicure, also known as 'under cuticles'. Diamond drill bits enable your nail design to last longer and the growth will show up much later! 

Say YES to aesthetic and durable nail design!

Diamond drill bit Flame 02 is a little bit bigger than Flame 01. It can be used to clean the space between the nail plate and the cuticles. Pointy shape helps to seperate the cuticle from the nail plate. Its diamond structure is standard, as indicated by the blue strap. 

You can use it for both manicure and pedicure.

The diameter of drill bit is 2,35 mm, the diameter of a working part is 2,1 mm and the rotations are 7000-10 000 per second.

The nail drill bits are universal in size, they fit in every nail drill available on our NEONAIL website.

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