Carbide Gel HARD Drill Bit

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Carbide Gel HARD Drill Bit

Carbide drill bits are professional ascessories made of carbide, which are used along with nail drills while creating manicure and pedicure. Why is it worth having?

  1. They have a lot of purposes: from removing UV gels to removing cuticles.

2. You can use them dry or wet.

3. They do not overheat the nail plate, but at the same time you can work very fast using them.

4. They are the strongest and the most durable drill bits comercially available.

If you are looking for a multi-purposes accessories for your nail drill, which enable to create manicure and pedicure in an easy way, carbide drill bits are perfect for you.

Carbide drill bit HARD can cope with the hardest task. It has a black strap which indicates that it is very thick. In addition it is covered with a layer that stops from overheating the natural nail plate.

How to use this drill bit? It is perfect for professional removing gel, acrylic or titanium masses.

The diameter of drill bit is 2,35 mm, the length of a working part: 12 mm, the diameter of a working part is 6 mm and the rotations are 25 000-35 000 per second.

The nail drill bits are universal in size, they fit in every nail drill available on our NEONAIL website.

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