Pusher 03

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Cuticle preparation
Stainless steel
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Pusher 03

Are you looking for a reliable tool that facilitates your nail stylisation? Bet on the Pusher 03, i.e. , metal pusher that helps you to work on the cuticles comfortably and really precise to remove UV gel polish. With this product you can perfectly prepare your hands to perform further treatments professionally and quickly!

Why is Pusher 03 a tool that should be included in every cosmetic bag?

  • Elegant design – pusher NEONAIL is a professional tool suitable for both advanced and beginning stylists.
  • Highest quality – the tool is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Easy to keep clean – pusher can be sterilized and disinfected.
  • Reliable in any situation – the metal pusher has a sharp and precise finish, which increases the effectiveness and accuracy of the treatments.
  • Working comfort –  pusher for manicure has a perfectly contoured handle, which facilitates work and is responsible for comfort during use.

An accessory that should be in every nail stylist’s cosmetic case? Definitely a multitasking metal pusher for the manicure!


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Rules for proper cleaning:
- All tools should be thoroughly cleaned before use and after use,
- regular oiling will keep them effective,
- prolonged contact with water may damage the tools and reduce their effectiveness,
- dulling and damage caused by dropping may result in a reduction of their lifetime,
- treatments with hard nails and cuticles will weaken the tools, which is normal,
- all accessories, manicure and pedicure equipment have a definite lifetime and will only work well until then,
- sterilisation and disinfection will progressively reduce the effectiveness of the tools' blades and the quality of the steel.

Correct storage:
- all instruments properly cleaned, disinfected and dried must be stored in a dry and clean place.