Double-sided Cat Eye Magnet

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Double-sided Strong Magnet for Cat Eye

One magnet and twice as many possibilities. Double-sided, 2 x thicker, so 2 x stronger and 2 x faster magnet consists of:

- a rectangular tip that attracts swarf,
- precise, round, which repels particles.

Applying it to hybrid varnishes from the series "Cat Eye", you will make phenomenal waves. Magnetic particles will shine on your nails. A magnet is necessary to create the phenomenal "cat's eye" effect.

To bring out the most spectacular cat eye effect we recommend using this strong magnet for NEONAIL Professional Cat Eye 5D.

A smaller and precise magnet will allow you to conjure many unconventional decorations in various scenes.

Waves, lines and maybe fancy shapes - let your imagination carry you away.
Each layer of varnish can bring different, surprising effects. Apply, have fun and create unique styles!
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1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block.
2. Apply a thin layer of Hard Base and cure in a 48W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp according to the table.
3. Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in a dark color (preferably black) and cure in an LED lamp or UV lamp (according to the table). To get the color depth repeat the procedure.
4. Then apply the "CAT EYE" in the selected color, apply the magnet to a distance of about 5 mm, then cure in an LED lamp or UV lamp - (according to the table).
5. Apply a layer of HARD TOP to give a very expressive gloss. Cure in an LED lamp or UV lamp, then rinse with a cleaner.

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13 listopada 2022
Bardzo klasyczny kolor lakieru, pasuje mi do wszystkiego. Świetnie kryje, ładnie wygląda. Zasługuje na uwagę, produkt o wysokiej trwałości.
6 listopada 2022
Polecam każdemu, jest bardzo trwały. Wystarczy użyć odrobinę a pokryje płytkę całkowicie. Barwa wygląda świenie, to był trafiony zakup!