Cuticle Nipper 5 mm

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Cuticle Nipper  3 mm 5 mm

Cuticle nippers are made of stainless steel.
They are suitable for disinfection and sterilization.
Pliers have a single spring.
Blade - 5 mm, total length - 12cm.

Rules for proper cleaning:

  • all tools should be thoroughly cleaned before and immediately after use,
  • regular greasing will maintain their effectiveness,
  • prolonged contact with water may damage tools and reduce their efficiency,
  • blunting and damage caused by dropping may result in a reduction in their service life,
  • treatments with hard nails and cuticles will weaken the tools, which is a normal phenomenon,
  • all accessories, devices for manicure and pedicure have their specified lifetime and will only work properly until then,
  • sterilization and disinfection will gradually reduce the effectiveness of the blades and the quality of the steel in the instruments.

Correct storage:

  • all properly cleaned, disinfected and dried instruments must be kept in a dry and clean place.
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14 września 2022
Jak do tej pory wszystko świetnie działa.Oby tak dalej.Polecam