Damask Rose hand care ritual - vegan damask rose cosmetics

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Damask Rose hand care ritual - vegan damask rose cosmetics

Reach for rose care products and indulge yourself in a little relaxation! Damask Rose skin care ritual will pamper your senses, while taking special care of your hand skin with formulas rich in oils and vitamins. Discover the power of damask rose - let yourself be seduced by its wonderful properties that will pamper the skin of your hands!

Hand care set- the effect of cosmetics
Hand care is not only about a beautiful manicure, but also the right cosmetics to take care of your skin. Ingredients of natural origin and a vegan formula, Damask Rose hand treatment is a care ritual that will nourish, moisturize and regenerate your hands in just three steps.

Damask Rose hand care ritual is:

  • Smoothing Body Scrub - moisturizing scrub is the basis of your skin care ritual, which smoothes your hands and makes the applied cosmetics even better absorbed.
  • Deep moisturizing dry hand cream - this natural hand cream will intensely nourish your hands, making them from dry and cracked to soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Antioxidant Night Hand Serum - this is a real vitamin bomb that will nourish and regenerate the skin, and you will see the results after the first application.

Your evening care ritual - a relaxing hand treatment
Damask rose is an ingredient that has not only beneficial properties for our skin, but also for our senses. The scent of damask rose envelops, smoothes and makes us calm down in literally a few moments. Reach for any of Damask Rose hand care products or the complete Damask Rose hand care set, and you'll know what true relaxation is!

How to perform Damask Rose hand care ritual step by step?
Step 1. Body scrub - reach for this product to smooth your hands and make each subsequent cosmetic thoroughly penetrate your skin, giving it all the precious ingredients.
Step 2. Hand serum - if you're looking for deep skin nourishment, be sure to include this in your ritual for best results.
Step 3. Deeply moisturizing hand cream - in this step it is necessary to close the ritual with a moisturizing hand and nail cream, which in combination with other cosmetics will smooth, nourish and deeply moisturize your hands.

Indulge in a little relaxation and let yourself be seduced by the magic of damask rose with  Damask Rose Hand Care Ritual. Wrap it around your skin and senses and see how much good it does for you!

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27 października 2022
: Doskonale
24 sierpnia 2022
Opakowania mega, satynowe pudełka, przesyłka dobrze zabezpieczona. Piling ok, bez zarzutu, mocne drobinki, ładny zapach, wygładza i nawilża. Serum bardzo dobrze się wchłania, skóra elastyczna, odżywiona, gładka. Krem bardzo dobrze się wchłania, gęsty, delikatny. Zapach bardzo przyjemny, różany.