Metallic Effect 09

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Nail powder Metallic Effect 09

Change any stylization with an easy and quick adornment. Just reach for the new colour from the collection Metallic Effect by NEONAIL. Pink-purple nail powder will instantly diversify the look of any manicure. You can apply it without problems, and a little product is enough to achieve the desired effect. You don't need to be skilled at creating adornments! Just a few moves and you can enjoy the original stylization! What is more, one product will allow you to achieve two effects! If you are interested in a metallic effect with particles, just apply pink and purple nail powder to the dispersion layer of a UV gel polish. If you prefer a smooth chrome finish, rub the product into a cured Dry Top for 10 seconds. Enjoy your manicure the way you like!

Pink-purple nail powder for every occasion


Pink-purple nail powder Metallic Effect 09 is two different types of finishes – metallic and chrome. You will get the fullness of colour from it, if you use a white UV gel polish before, for example. French White, however, you can experiment and apply it to other colours. Have fun with the effects and in a few moments prepare adornments that will impress everyone!

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