Metallic Effect 08

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Nail powder Metallic Effect 08

How about a fashionable adornment that you can prepare in no time? Reach for a green nail powder, which is a novelty from the collection Metallic Effect by NEONAIL. Just use it when creating stylization, and you will get a spectacular adornment, which you cannot pass indifferently. Moreover, with the use of one nail powder, you can get two finishes. If you are interested in the metallic effect, just rub the nail powder into the dispersion (sticky) layer of a UV gel polish. If you dream of a mirrored chrome effect, rub it on the previously cured Dry Top for 10 seconds! To perfectly reflect the colour of the nail powder, we recommend applying primarily on a white base colour, e. g. French White, however, you can test it with other shades of UV gel polishes. Green nail powder Metallic Effect 08 fits perfectly into current trends, and it matches with any stylization!

Green nail powder with metallic finish

Green nail powder Metallic Effect 08 will allow you to stand out with an unusual stylization, which due to a simple application you can prepare in a few moments. Adornment with metallic powder will prepare everyone – even beginners in UV gel manicure. Reach for the green Metallic Effect and enjoy a beautiful, fashionable effect on your nails!

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