Metallic Effect 07

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Nail powder Metallic Effect 07

Metallic nail powder is a product that will help you change the look of every stylization in a few moments. Light green is not only fashionable, but also looks fantastic. Perfect to diversify mani for any occasion, and with it you can get two finishes! Do you want a metallic effect? Apply light green nail powder in a dispersion (sticky) layer of a UV gel polish. Fancy a chrome style? Apply powder to the cured Dry Top. One product, many possibilities of adornments!

Light green nail powder from the collection Metallic Effect

Light green nail powder Metallic Effect 07 with metallic or chrome finish is the hit of the season. Enriched the series of powders NEONAIL Metallic Effect, which will help you create original and phenomenal manicure. The use of nail powder is an easy and quick way to diversify the stylization, and everyone can cope with its application. Light green nail powder Metallic Effect 07 looks best on white UV gel polish (we recommend our French White), but you can apply it on any colour to create spectacular adornments in your style!

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