Nail Art Pen 0,1

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Nail Art Pen 0,1 – precise patterns on nails

About the product

Nail Art Pen 0,1 is a nail art pen with a thin tip of 0,1 mm that will help you create unique designs on your nails. It has an intense black shade, full opacity and allows you to create lines with a length of 600-800 m! The magic happens thanks to the black ink filling the product. You gain a pen thickness, dedicated specifically for precise lines and fills.

Decorations made with this method dry only 30 seconds. After this time, it is enough to secure the stylization with a top.

If you apply the product on a classic UV gel polish, apply the pattern the next day, when the color has already dried completely.

What do you gain?

You still do not have time? Do you dream of a spectacular manicure that will delight you? Check the advantages of the new Nail Art Pen 0,1 by NEONAIL:

  • precise adornments – thanks to the unique form of the pen with a thin tip, you will quickly create attractive patterns on the nails that dry in only 30 seconds! Then it is enough to protect nails a UV gel top and enjoy beautiful manicure;
  • universal application – you can apply the product to both UV gel and classic nail polish. Create spectacular adornments on nails and choose the form of your stylization yourself;
  • expressive and durable lines of patterns – the product gives an intense black, thanks to which the lines of adornments are clearly visible, and in addition they remain on the nails for a long time;
  • dedicated thickness – the form of the pen guarantees thickness adapted specifically to the type of adornment. This makes it easy to create precise lines and fillings. You can make even small details with a pen;
  • simple and easy solution – you are not skilled in painting patterns with a brush? It does not matter! With Nail Art Pen 0,1 you can prepare adornments like hand-painted – effortlessly and without compromises!

Get inspired

You can become a real artist right now! Have fun with your manicure by creating spectacular nail decorations with the Nail Art Pen. Create the perfect set for decorating with Nail Art Pen 0,1 and Nail Art Pen 0,8 . Use them every time you want to create adornment such as beautiful lace, exotic ornaments or original geometric patterns in the blink of an eye.

Delight with unique nail designs together with NEONAIL!

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Application - on UV gel polish:
1. Gently mattify the nails with a buffer, remove any dust and wipe with Cleaner.
2. Apply a thin layer of base and cure in LED/UV lamp.
3. Apply a layer of UV gel polish in choosen color and cure in LED/UV lamp.
4.  Wipe the cured UV gel polish with Cleaner and then use the Nail Art Pen to decorate the nail as desired. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the product to dry completely.
5. Apply a layer of any top from the range to secure the stylization. Cure in an LED/UV lamp, then wipe with Cleaner, if needed.
Application - on classic nail polish:
When using the Nail Art Pen over classic polish, it is best to do the design on the second day (after the colour has dried completely). After finishing the nail art, wait about 30 seconds for the product to dry completely and then secure the styling with a top coat.