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Acetone UV Gel Polish Remover – beautiful nails and cuticles

What do you gain?

Do you want to effectively remove the UV gel polish – without damaging the nail tile? Get to know Acetone UV Gel Polish Remover – check what you will get for the start:
complex moisture of the cuticles thanks to active ingredients - thanks to the formula enriched with biotin, vitamin B12 and macadamia oil, the product leaves moisturized and soft cuticles around the nails;
effective removal of UV gel polish – prepare your nails for a new manicure stylisation! This product thoroughly removes UV gel polish from the nail plate. From now on, you will remove the UV gel polish quickly and efficiently;
beautiful fragrance after use – the product is delicately perfumed. It exudes a subtle, feminine fragrance that delights. Thanks to it, removal of a UV gel polish is pleasant;
vegan composition – you can safely reach for this acetone if a product without ingredients of animal origin is important to you.

About the product

Acetone UV Gel Polish Remover is a professional liquid that allows you to remove UV gel polish from the nail plate. The product is designed for all people who perform nail stylisation using different methods. It exudes a delicate, feminine fragrance that will accompany you during the treatment.
The product is rich in valuable nutrients such as biotin, vitamin B12 and macadamia oil. This combination makes the cuticles around the nails moisturized and soft. Moreover, acetone has a fully vegan composition.
The product is enclosed in a white, handy 100 ml bottle.

Get inspired

Use acetone in combination with Foil Nail Wraps. Thanks to it that you will be able to apply the liquid on the nail plate. However, the first step in removing stylisation will be to matt the glossy layer of UV gel polish. You will do this with a  nail file or a nail buffer with a gradation of approx. 180, e.g.  Nail file boat grey100/180 NEONAIL.

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We use acetone to remove UV gel polish from the nail plate.
1. Gently matt the shiny polish layer with a file or polisher with a gradation of about 180.​
2.  Apply a small amount of Acetone to the Foil Nail Wraps, apply to the nail and then wrap the remaining foil tightly around the finger ( you can use a lint-free cotton pad and aluminium foil).
3. Leave on for approx. 10 minutes. Remove any remaining polish with a wooden stick or metal pusher. If necessary, remove any residue with a fine buffer.


Ingredients: Acetone, Propylene Glycol, Parfum, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Cyanocobalamin, Biotin.