Deeply moisturizing hand cream

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Damask Rose Essence
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Deeply moisturizing hand cream - your hand care ritual

Indulge in a complete Damask Rose hand care ritual and be seduced by the effects of perfectly smooth, nourished skin. This intensive moisturizing hand cream will give you extraordinary results - wrap your skin in the sensual scent and amazing effects of damask rose and you will know what true relaxation is!

A good hand cream for dry and cracked hands must be based on nourishing, rich formulas. Damask Rose cosmetics are distinguished by ingredients of natural origin, the action of which makes the hand and nail cream from this product line deeply moisturize your hands.

Rose cosmetics – why is worth using them?
Damask rose is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins, carotene and minerals, therefore it perfectly moisturizes, smoothes and firms the skin. Each rose cosmetic from Damask Rose range is a moisturizing, vegan formula that will transform your skincare!

Choose a natural hand cream and enjoy a relaxing hand treatment Damask Rose hand care ritual will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished. Hand care has never been so easy and pleasant!

Damask Rose hand care ritual - how do Damask Rose cosmetics work?
Vegan cosmetics with damask rose will restore your hands to their optimal moisture level. After the first application, you will notice significant nourishment and smoothness, and your skin will become supple and soft to the touch.

Our original vegan recipe for dry hand cream
Excellent care effects are guaranteed by a wealth of active ingredients of natural origin: coconut oil, shea butter, an extract of damask rose, rosemary and hibiscus, which effectively protect the skin of your hands against moisture loss and adverse environmental influences.

Your Damask Rose hand care ritual step-by-step
Massage the rose cosmetic into your hands every morning and evening. The heat generated activates natural ingredients that moisturize, nourish and smooth. Hand care set in three steps:
Step 1 - smoothing body scrub.
Step 2 - antioxidant hand serum at night.
Step 3 - deeply moisturizing hand cream.
Discover the power of damask rose and choose vegan cosmetics to help you perform a Damask Rose hand care ritual! Let yourself be surprised by the great effects and take a moment to relax.

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