Antioxidant Night Hand Serum

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Damask Rose Essence
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Antioxidant Night Hand Serum - Your Evening Skincare Ritual

Discover the power of damask rose and indulge in a complete Damask Rose hand care ritual! Indulge yourself in a little relaxation - let yourself be surprised by the brilliant effects of perfectly smooth, nourished and relaxed skin wrapped in the sensual scent of damask rose.

Hand serum from this product line is a rose cosmetic enriched with ingredients of natural origin. With its help, your hand care will become pleasant and provide you with the experience of true relaxation.

How does the damask rose serum work?

Rose cosmetics are distinguished by their extraordinary properties. It's a naturally derived ingredient whose formula is full of vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins, and carotene and minerals. This formula makes the hand serum antioxidant, smoothing and moisturizing.
Perform a hand care ritual and provide them with instant regeneration and smoothness. Such hand treatment guarantees the effect of effective nourishment, which will be visible after the first application of the rose cosmetic.

Our original, vegan hand serum formula

The hand serum is rich in active ingredients of natural origin, which provide intensive care for the hands. What kind?

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Thistle
  • Damask rose extract
  • Vitamin C

This combination of ingredients rejuvenates and evens out the skin tone of the hands.

Hand treatment - vegan cosmetics as a hand care set

Start your evening skincare ritual by applying 2-3 drops of hand serum to washed and dried hands. Perform a gentle massage, and the heat generated will release active ingredients that regenerate the epidermis and improve skin tone.
Or you can use all the products in the Damask Rose line in three steps:
Step 1 - smoothing body scrub.
Step 2 - antioxidant hand serum at night.
Step 3 - deeply moisturizing hand cream
Indulge in a full Damask Rose hand care ritual and allow yourself to relax a little!

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